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Recycling Power!

Recycling takes used and discarded materials and fashions them into something new.(1) In an affluent society, we’ve become accustomed to identifying “new” as “better.” We are trained to have a disposable mentality. Disposable consumer products abound. Categories include clothing, kitchen, medical devices, and pet care, to name a few.

Recycling bins in the trash roomI took a look at amazon.com for disposable items. I typed “disposable x” in the search bar, varying “x” for each letter of the alphabet. Here are some of the things I came up with, A to Z.

Disposables A to Z  (sort of *)
aprons ice packs plates
bags jumpsuits razors
cameras k-cups slippers
diapers lighters toothbrushes
ear plugs masks underwear
forks needles vests
gloves ovenware wraps
hand towels

* Finding “k” was a stretch, and I didn’t find suitable “x”, “y”, or “z” products.

Recycling has many benefits.

  • Reduces the environmental impact of making products from scratch
  • Conserves of natural resources and raw materials
  • Keeps materials out of landfills prevents toxins from entering the groundwater
  • Uses less energy overall to make new products from available materials (such as recycled aluminum) as opposed to newly mined raw materials
  • Creates jobs for people who collect, manage, and distribute discarded and recycled goods
  • Happy neighbors!

Recycling is also important because it is a communal activity. It is something that can bring people together for a cause. Let’s do our part and recycle!


(1) Much thanks to  recyclebank.com for providing the intellectual stimulation and inspiration for this post, as well as ideas for some of the lists. Visit them to learn more about recycling, living green, and earn points toward purchases at many retailers. 


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