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The Best Part of Wakin’ Up™

©/TM/® The Folger Coffee Company

©/TM/® The Folger Coffee Company

Did you know the Folgers Coffee jingle is 35 years old?

As one of the most memorable and recognizable pieces of advertising, “The Best Part of Wakin’ Up is Folgers in Your Cup®” Jingle has helped millions of Americans start their day with the sounds, sights, and smells of fresh-brewed Folgers® Coffee. Composed by Leslie Pearl, the original Jingle debuted in 1984 and has since been transformed into country, gospel, jazz, R & B, folk, Celtic, and a cappella versions. 1

I love a dark, deep and hot cup of coffee, the scent rising aggressively from the cup, the turbulent steam assailing my nasal passages. Exquisite espresso, captivating cappuccino, luscious latte, basic black. The aroma wraps around my neurons, sheathing the axons and coating them with a scarf of enlightenment. “Aaaahhh!” the brain cells sigh, “coffee,” and the sun shines brighter, the birds sing in glee, and there is world peace.

Sadly for Folgers (somewhere along the line they lost the apostrophe), I’m not really a fan of their coffee, preferring Nescafé Tasters Choice Dark Roast when I need a cup of instant. I’ll allow, however, that the best part of waking up just may be coffee. You are thinking, “it’s the caffeine. She’s fueled by caffeine.” No, I protest, it’s not the caffeine; too much gives me the shakes. The smell, the odor, the fragrance opens my mind to new horizons… or at least, it opens my eyelids to the new day.

Every day I wake up
Pour myself a cup
Of that rich Folgers aroma
The best part of waking up.
It's the doo-wop doo-wop in all I do
The mountain grown aroma always comin' through.
Oh the best part of wakin' up
Is Folgers in your cup.
[Now, I'm right in harmony
When I doo-wop doo-wop di-dee
One more cup and it's a nu-wop she-bop for me
Oh the best part of wakin' up
Is Folgers in your cup.]
The best part of wakin' up
Is Folgers in your cup.2
The glass top fairly jumped with boiling coffee on that cold morning.

The glass top fairly jumped with boiling coffee on that cold morning.

I learned to love the aroma of while living with my grandparents. It’s the mid-60’s. Imagine the bright yellow kitchen in the morning sun. A January day with single-digit temperatures, the windows sparkle with frost inside and glisten with some condensation. The glass percolator lid seems to jump with the fresh-brewed coffee clamoring for attention.  Zayda3 is seated at the table already with a cup of coffee, and the radio atop the radiator is likely tuned to WCAU, 1210 AM.  Bubba4 hurried me to eat breakfast before school—Mom must have been busy with my younger sisters elsewhere. A bowl of my favorite, oatmeal, awaits me.  But wait, there’s more: Coffee Milk! That elixir, that concoction of greatness: Coffee (pronounced kaw-fee5). My glass receives an inch of coffee from the busy aluminum pot and the rest is milk… because I’m old enough to drink coffee! Motes of dust sparkle in the air. I scratch my name onto the frosty window. I spoon sugary oatmeal puddled with butter and dreamily drink coffee milk never knowing that some 50 years later, this will be one of my cherished memories.

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