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Even toilet paper deliveries can be fun!

Even toilet paper deliveries can be fun!

How many of us shop online? How many rely upon deliveries to stock our pantries? Our busy schedules combined with the difficulty of shlepping purchases on the subway or in a “bubby cart” make remote purchasing an attractive option.

UPS or FedEx hangs a delivery attempt notice in the entrance of our building nearly every day. That makes sense; many work during the day and aren’t home to receive their orders. The Super accepts the delivery, and we collect them when we come home. Easy peasy.

Remember the Sears catalogue? Order, then go to Sears and pick up your purchase. Then came mail order catalogues in the 90’s, now passé. Today’s savvy shopper likely clicks on Amazon.com or any of thousands of sites where s/he can compare items by color, size, price, and availability without moving from the computer. Click to pay, then it magically arrives not long afterward.

So what do we order? Today you can get anything online if you look deep enough. Imported tea, cell phones, diapers, shoes, auto parts, yarn, Tylenol, jewelry, cereal, hair clippers, furniture, shirts & ties, and on and on and on. If you can think of it, it can be ordered and delivered.

l love to rip into my orders. Don’t you? Even though I know they’re coming, every box feels like a present! Even… toilet paper!


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