"If it's not fun, why do it?"

Oh Fear, Disappear

Oh Fear, do disappear
Disappear from my eyesight, my doorstep, my home
Take back what you gave me: the shivers, a chill
That sense of impending doom
And hie with your tail between your legs,
A whipped cur slinking back to his den.

Oh Fear, you cunning traitor
Who sets my pulse ajumping,
one hundred beats per minute or more
Whose icy chill drips down my neck
and voice rasps “no victory” though
the opposing army’s boots retreat across
smoking battlefields,
while you gnaw on enemy bones
stripped of flesh.

Fear, you lie and deceive and spread
tales to shock the feeble heart, rend us
wan and faint. You say we cannot paint in
rainbow colors, you quench the songbird’s delight.
Your talons scrape through diamond-tough skin
but never quite pierce.

You no longer walk beside me, Fear; be
stranded, hang from the precipice,
drip your ichor, nurse your bruises.
Lick your wounds in silence and agony, waste
your few remaining days in grief.
Oh Fear, do it now Fear,
Go. Disappear.

Night Terror

Night Terror. ©JustHavingFun


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